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When I learned that I was provided the chance to be in this workshop, I knew that it was not going to be easy so I was focusing on preparing myself mentally for this workshop.

I do admit that I was a bit overwhelmed during the first two days as I was scrambling to get questions in and get the interview with my subject complete.

But looking back, this is what life is all about: adapting to change.

I had three different mentors throughout the course of the workshop, so I had to change gears when there was a shift.

Each mentor had a different skill in terms of the trades of the journalism industry and a different approach to teaching so I had to adjust.

I enjoyed getting to know them to the best of my ability. This helped me realize though that a lot of people had my back to get me through this. I want to issue a big thank you to my mentors Jenny Hamel, Jay Seidel and Julie Patel as they were really helpful with ensuring that the story was flowing freely.

We can not do things alone. We shouldn’t do things alone. To be able to work with professional in the field I intend on entering after graduating has been an extremely gratifying experience.

The person I profiled, Vikas Satyananda, could not have been kinder to me than he was. Satyananda demonstrated patience with me because he knew I was still learning and gave me the time I needed to ask all of my questions.

I also learned that I need to finish tasks and move on. Especially with the amount of tasks needed to complete this project, I should not think about things too much.

Although it was a lot of work, I feel like I have taken steps forward than steps back when all is said and done.

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