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The NPR Next Generation fellowship made me feel like a real journalist. Our field reporting experience allowed me to become a journalist.

I had not heard of a program that gives you the full ability to be a journalist instead of a student, until Next Generation. For me personally, I felt like I could be myself.

As a documentary journalist it was not easy to step away from the camera, but when I decided to report in my normal elements and record with a camera, the mentors were fine with it.

In a visual driven generation, audio tends to be underestimated, it is important to learn that audio carries the perception to what we are viewing.

One point that will stick with me is to never limit my creativeness, Next Generation Radio allowed me to find my worth and never let go of it.

The mentors continued to ensure that the stories us mentees produced were completely produced by us and if any corrections were made that we were satisfied with it. This is a small reflection of our creativeness, and a stepping stone to our ability.   

It was a privilege to work with a team who allowed me to be creative on my own and really push my boundaries.

I made it a mission to take advantage of this position and take initiative as much as I could, and the mentors were fine with it.

The corrective criticism I received was crucial, straight forward, but heartfelt. When mistakes were made it was crucial to learn from them.  

When I asked my mentor if this program was similar to a normal day at work, the answer was yes. It was a relief to find I was enjoying my reporting experience.

I could get used to this.

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